"How To Propose Marriage" - The Guide

guide on how to propose at the beach

So you are here looking for advice on how to propose marriage right? This is no easy task and it will take the proper planning. The first thing to understand when proposing marriage is that the style depends on you and your future spouse (assuming all goes well). Only you should truly know what wedding proposal style will blow their mind and well most importantly make sure they say yes lol – that is the goal right. So how do you get started? If you follow the below steps on how to propose marriage you should be just fine.


How to Propose Rule #1:

Get To Know The Prson You Are About To Propose To.

This is important for two reasons. 1) It would be bad to get engaged to someone who is a nightmare to be around and 2) You need to understand what type of proposal they would like you to do based upon common interests.


How to Propose Rule #2:

Have A Real Proposal Plan!

While it may work to propose while sipping on a glass of wine at dinner, does that really wow her? Maybe not. Your proposal plan should require preparation and creativity. You know her crazy friends... The first question they will ask is "Sooooo how did he propose?". Do you want her to have a good answer? Do it up!


How to Propose Rule #3:

Stick To Your Roots.

Have you ever had been skydiving together? No – then why risk such an important day and blow your chance with her getting sick and most likely pissed off lol. Make your marriage proposal something you are both comfortable with but also something worth remembering.


How to Propose Rule #4:

Have A Ring. beach wedding proposal

That was obvious right? It is somewhat hard to have a marriage proposal in today’s society without one so thought I'd be safe and mention it. When you propose you should have the ring of her dreams and ideally one that fits. Think about all of the times people buy you clothes or shoes as a gift. You love them so much you want to put them on right away but wait they don't fit. Kills the excitement right? Remember that!


How to Propose Rule #5:

Prepare Your Proposal Speech.

When you get on one knee to seal the deal on your creative proposal it may not be necessary to say anything but it certainly can’t hurt. Plan ahead of time and know what you are going to say. Something other than "so will ya?" would be ideal lol.


How to Propose Rule #6:

Make it happen!

What else do you need to know on how to propose marriage? Be confident, be prepared and you should be fine. Think of it as a job interview for a position that lasts your entire life. Side note: If you anticipate the job sucking, walk away now and forget all that you have read lol.

So How Did I Propose Marriage?

Well you are reading it as we speak. My plan is to use what I do in my career (SEO, Site Design) to create a website that will rank in a search for something crazy like "how to propose marriage" or "how to get engaged". Nerdy you say? It absolutely is! haha

So we have a website built and it is ranking for wedding proposal how to keywords what now? My plan is to take a walk on the beach (our favorite place to hang out together) and randomly mention something like: "You should check out this website on how to propose, it's really funny/cool/whatever." I pull out my cell phone and search for "how to propose guide", "how to propose marriage" or "how to propose" and voila my site ranking so check it out.

The next step here is pretty straight forward but this is where I get down on one knee.

So Jordan, will you marry me? (Note to Jordan: You should stop reading the how to guide now and say yes please.)

Guide To Proposing

How to Creatively Propose?

Most guys are somewhat clueless on how to propose to the person they hope to be their future wife. Not a way to get things off on the right foot ehh?

This website not only teaches you how to propose but has a creative marriage proposal built in. Just remember the first question she will get is... "How did he propose?" Now that's motivating!