What Are The Wedding Plans?

Jeremy and Jordan sitting on beach

In case you haven't picked up on this yet, I am the guy creating this website. I have no clue what the wedding plans may be in the future. Is that really something I should be concerned with now?

She has to say "yes" first lol. Again more to come once I get this minor speed bump out of the way.

You want me to make some assumptions? All I know is that we both love the beach and go all of the time. She actually discovered this website while on the beach so it might only make sense to give that a shot.

Wedding aside, perhaps it is time to start planning the bachelor party though! Hess, Artie, Brian, Chris, Josh, George, (anyone else? - everyone is invited) - you guys better be ready. I am anticipating something like this:

Our Story

Where Did We Meet?

At a high school football game at age 15. Definitely didn't think the girl whose purse I am hiding to be funny is my future wife.

Was The First Date Good?

This is a funny question. How good can a date be if your 15? I am pretty sure all I was thinking is this girl sure is tall. 13 Ghosts & Applebees, solid date right? BTW - almost caught up on the height.